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Gathering Talks

Icewisdom with Angaangaq

Icewisdom – Inuit, Kalaallit tradition with Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq. A conversation between Angaangaq Angakkkorsuaq (Icewisdom) and Robert Frederiksen. The interview center around Angaangaq’s tradition as keeper of the greenlandic, kalaallit tradition of storytelling. He tells us about his connection to the… Læs mere »Icewisdom with Angaangaq

How to approach Spirit

How to approach Spirit – Siberian Shamanism with Ahamkara. Live Stream Interview on the first new moon of the year 2021. A conversation between Ahamkara and Robert about Siberian shamanism and Ahamkara’s tradition. How he performs his personal ceremonies, and… Læs mere »How to approach Spirit

Sami spirituality

Sami spirituality into the future. Conversation between Lone Beate Ebeltoft and Robert Frederiksen, about Sami spirituality today. How she performs her personal ceremonies and how the joik can be used in a ceremonial setting. Lone also shares some of her… Læs mere »Sami spirituality

Et Nordisk rituals opbygning

Et Nordisk Rituals opbygning – Online live stream interview med Gudrun Victoria Gotved Interviewet er optaget ved Nymånen, og er en opfølgning på Forfædreblótet, der fandt sted ved Allehelgens fuldmåne. Gudrun gennemgår ritualet og præsenterer her hendes tanker og erfaringer… Læs mere »Et Nordisk rituals opbygning